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Office of the County Executive

Location: The Arundel Center
44 Calvert Street Annapolis, Maryland 21404
General Information (410) 222-1821
County Executive Steve Schuhs Biography | E-mail the County Executive
Legislative Testimony Provided by Anne Arundel County to the 2014 Maryland General Assembly: February 27, 2014
The Office of the County Executive includes the County Executive and the immediate staff. The office is managed by the Chief of Staff who is appointed by and responsible to the County Executive. The activities of the office include governmental relations, human relations, land use policy coordination, criminal justice coordination, and public information.
The Governmental Relations section is responsible for the coordinated processing and analysis of all General Assembly and County Council legislative measures. Staff present the administration's views in support of or in opposition to various measures, and provide assistance to elected officials regarding issues or requests of concern to their constituency.
The Human Relations Commission is responsible for the elimination of practices of discrimination in the County and the promotion of equal rights in public and private sectors of the County. It is an advisory committee comprised of a cross-section of citizens.
Minority Affairs serves as an advocate and advisor for improving minority relations throughout county government.
The Chief Administrative Officer is appointed by and responsible to the County Executive. The Offices of Budget and Finance, Central Services and Personnel are under the immediate direction of the C.A.O. The office assists the County Executive in the management, planning, organization and control, and in the execution and implementation of management programs and activities. In addition, the office is responsible for the coordination of administrative and financial functions with the independent Board of Education and the Boards of Trustees of the Community College and Library System.
The Community and Constituent Services section serves as the focal point between government and the communities of the County. It maintains an information and referral service to resolve constituent complaints, and assesses the role of volunteers in activities in the County.



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Anne Arundel County, Maryland. 44 Calvert Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21401 | Tele: (410) 222-7000