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Previous Legislation

The following is a comprehensive list of all legislation brought before the County Council for the years listed.  Legislation considered in previous years can be easily obtained by calling or e-mailing the County Council Office.
If you have any questions concerning the effective date of a bill, please call Council Offices at (410) 222-1401.
Key: P=Passed, F=Failed, D=Defeated, W/D=Withdrawn, V=Vetoed
Resolutions Passed/Failed/Defeated in 2015
Res 1-15PResolution approving the application to the Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention for a grant under the Children's Justice Grants to States program and recognizing the County Executive's authority to act in connection with the grant.
Res 2-15PResolution approving the application to the United States Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice for a grant under the Solving Cold Cases with DNA grant program and recognizing the County Executive's authority to act in connection with the grant.
Res 3-15PResolution approving the designation of certain areas of the Odenton Town Center
Res 4-15PResolution approving the application to the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Prevention and Health Promotion Administration for a grant under the Maryland Cancer Fund
Res 5-15PResolution approving the continued service of John R. Hammond
Res 6-15P
Resolution encouraging the Anne Arundel County Board of Education and the Superintendent of Anne Arundel County Public Schools to establish safe and healthy school hours for all students and to purchase bus routing software in fiscal year 2015
Res 7-15PResolution urging the Maryland Health Care Commission to support the establishment of a cardiac surgery program
Res 8-15P
Resolution expressing support for the County Executive’s recognition of the public health emergency presented by the use of heroin in Anne Arundel County and the County Executive’s efforts to raise awareness of this crisis and to eradicate the use of heroin in Anne Arundel County.
Res 9-15PResolution confirming the appointment of four public members of the Personnel Board of Anne Arundel County
Bills Passed/Failed/Defeated in 2015
81-14PAN ORDINANCE concerning: Zoning – Maritime Districts - Non-Water Dependent 2 ProjectsCritical Area – Accessory Uses
86-14PAN EMERGENCY ORDINANCE concerning: Transfer of Appropriation – Contingency 2 Account – Fire Department – Grants, Contributions & Other
87-14PAn Ordinance concerning: Sylvan Shores Special Community Benefit District
1-15PAn Emergency Ordinance concerning: Current Expense Budget
2-15PAn Ordinance concerning: Stormwater Management – Watershed Protection and Restoration Program
3-15PAn Emergency Ordinance concerning: Capital Budget and Program – Cypress Creek Retrofit – Fund Transfer
4-15PAN EMERGENCY ORDINANCE concerning: Capital Budget and Program – Sudley 2 CC Upgrade – Fund Transfer
6-15W/DAn Ordinance concerning: Public Works – Right of Entry – Stream Restoration
7-15PAn Ordinance concerning: Zoning – Nonconforming Uses – Twenty-Year Registered Use
8-15PAn Ordinance concerning: Zoning – Breweries, Craft Breweries, and Farm Breweries
9-15PAN EMERGENCY ORDINANCE concerning: Floodplain Management, Erosion and Sediment Control, and Stormwater Management – Floodplain Management 



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