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Previous Legislation

The following is a comprehensive list of all legislation brought before the County Council for the years listed.  Legislation considered in previous years can be easily obtained by calling or e-mailing the County Council Office.
If you have any questions concerning the effective date of a bill, please call Council Offices at (410) 222-1401.
Key: P=Passed, F=Failed, D=Defeated, W/D=Withdrawn, V=Vetoed
Resolutions Passed/Failed/Defeated in 2015
Res 3-15PResolution approving the designation of certain areas of the Odenton Town Center
Res 5-15PResolution approving the continued service of John R. Hammond
Res 7-15PResolution urging the Maryland Health Care Commission to support the establishment of a cardiac surgery program
Bills Passed/Failed/Defeated in 2015



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