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Central Services

Central Services Officer - Doug Jones 
Location: Heritage Office Complex
2660 Riva Road
P.O. Box 6675
Annapolis, MD. 21401 Phone: (410) 222-7644
Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday except holidays
From the Director: Welcome to Anne Arundel County's Office of Central Services, and thank you for visiting our website. There are five (5) divisions that make up our department. Our goal is to provide service and support to the County Agencies and Departments who ultimately serve the great citizens of Anne Arundel County.

Our Facilities Maintenance Division is responsible for all Administrative Buildings, Libraries, Police and Fire Stations, Senior Centers, and Health Centers throughout the County. Their primary function is to insure all facilities are ready to serve the great citizens of Anne Arundel County. Scott J. Welsh is the Administrator at Facilities Management. He can be reached at (410) 222-8100.
The Purchasing Division is a centralized agency responsible for assisting County Agencies in their procurement activities. Annually this accounts for over $300 Million. We strive to receive the best prices for the goods and services purchased for Anne Arundel County needs. We do this in the interest of the great citizens of Anne Arundel County.Purchasing can be reached at (410) 222-7620. William Schull is our Purchasing Agent.
The Real Estate Division's primary role is to manage and control all County property. This includes all property leases, including water and cell tower leases. Additionally, they assist County Agencies in space management and tenant fit outs. Our goal is to maximize revenue for the great citizens of Anne Arundel County. Real Estate can reached at (410) 222-7913. Chris Flynn is the Real Estate Manager.
Fleet Administration is responsible for the vehicle maintenance of over 3,000 cars and trucks. This includes Police Vehicles, Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Senior Citizen Vans, Dump Trucks and Snow Plows. Our goal is to insure maximum  efficiency and reliability. Many of these vehicles sole use are to provide services to the great citizens of Anne Arundel County. Robert Phillips is the Fleet Administrator.
Risk Management is the division that services the County's insurance needs. Anne Arundel County is self-insured for Workers Compensation, Automobile, and General Liability; therefore Risk Management handles all claims. Additionally, they work with commercial markets for all other coverage. Through aggressive claims management and emphasis on safety and accident reduction, we can reduce our risks for the great citizens of Anne Arundel County. Amy Lanham  is the Division Manager. She can be reached at (410) 222-7630.
Central Services also provides a Telephone Information Center where the great citizens of Anne Arundel County can have questions answered or be transferred to the appropriate department for their issued or problems. An additional service provided by Central Services is our mail operation, which insures timely delivery of County mailings.
Our operations are not glitzy, but they are fundamental to providing the Departments that, first hand, address the great citizens of Anne Arundel County concerns. Our great citizens expect and rightly deserve this service from their County government.
Minority Business Enterprise Program - Joanne Jackson (410) 222-7620
The Office of Central Services is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the County's Minority Business Enterprise Program. It is the policy of Anne Arundel County to assure all persons, seeking to do business with the County, equal opportunity and access to participate in the procurement of all commodities and services. The Minority/Small Business Enterprise Coordinator is an advocate for "equal business opportunity" in procurement and functions on many levels including, but not limited to:
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the County's procurement efforts
  • Providing technical assistance to women and minority businesses
  • Recording statistics on W/MBE utilization
  • Updating the County's Directory of  Minority and Women-Owned Businesses
  • Providing leadership and direction to the County's Minority Business Enterprise Committee

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Anne Arundel County, Maryland. 44 Calvert Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21401 | Tele: (410) 222-7000