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Occupational Safety and Health - Shoe Mobile

Safety Shoe Information
County has established contracts for safety shoes
The County has established three contracts for the purchase of safety shoes – Saf-Gard Safety Shoes, Rocky Brands Retail LLC formerly Lehigh Safety Shoes and Red Wing. Saf-gard and Rocky Brands are scheduled to provide Shoe Mobile service. The schedule is below. The third contract is with Red Wing Safety Shoes. No shoe mobile service will be provided. All business with Red Wing will be with the retail store in Glen Burnie. Saf-gard and Red Wing have stores that the County can use if the Shoe Mobile service does not meet your needs. Addresses are provided below.
Cost for the safety shoes
By establishing the contracts the County has locked in a better price for shoes. The contract with Saf-Gard provides a 25% discount for their entire catalog. Rocky Brands Retail LLC (Lehigh Safety Shoes) provides a 35% discount for their entire catalog. Red Wing will provide an 18% discount off their brand name shoes. We will endeavor to keep current prices in this document. P-Card should be used whenever possible. 
Who gets safety shoes at the County's expense and what shoes do they get?
The Workplace Hazard Assessment (WHA) is the document that identifies the tasks that require safety shoes and it also sets forth the type of safety shoes to be worn. Most of the time it will be a 6 to 8 inch boot. The extras that could be added are a steel shank or electric rating or chemical resistant.
Supervisors may be authorized a low cut safety shoes if their exposure to hazards are not the same as their workers and they have little or no exposure to twisted ankles from construction sites or other uneven ground.
Auto mechanics are authorized low cut safety shoes because of the need for them to kneel often. Their work area is normally an even surface where twisting an ankle is a low hazard.
How much does the County pay toward safety shoes
The allowance for safety shoes (the amount the County pays) is a minimum of $140.00. However, some departments have a higher authorization because of the type of safety shoe they require employees to wear. See the WHA. Normally, the employee is allowed to choose the style of shoes as long as it meets the requirements in the WHA. If the shoe is more expensive than the County allowance, the employee will be required to pay the difference and any tax associated with that difference. 
Company Address, Store Address, Phone Number & Suborder Contract Number
Company AddressLocal Store AddressPhone # to StoreSub Order #
Rocky Brands Retail LLC 28 Alco Place Baltimore, MD. 21227 3651 OB
Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Co. 2701 Patterson St. Greensboro, NC. 27407Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Co. 8330 Pulaski Hwy
(410) 574-91703654 OB
Red Wing Safety Shoes
7106 Ritchie Hwy.
Glen Burnie, MD. 21061
Red Wing Safety Shoes
7106 Ritchie Hwy.
Glen Burnie, MD. 21061
(410) 766-89893653 OB
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