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Occupational Safety and Health - Safety Glasses

Prescription Safety Eyewear Program – Instructions 
On the Countyweb you will find the form for prescription safety eyewear at 3M - AOSafety. When you have identified an employee who must wear prescription safety eyewear, the P-Card holder will need to obtain a Secure Credit Card ID through the 3M website or toll-free number. Both the website and telephone number are listed on the Prescription Eyewear Order Form. The P-Card holder will enter this number on the second line (Customer) in the section “Secure Credit Card ID” of the form. 
Employees may request eyewear be replaced. Eyewear should be replace if it is no longer serviceable (severely scratched or broken and cannot be repaired). Eyewear should also be replaced if their prescription has changed to the point that it is hazardous to the employee to use their present eyewear. 
To complete the AOSafety form: 
To ensure that all County buildings meet the minimum Occupational Safety and Health requirements, Risk Management follows the Code of Federal Regulations, International Fire Code, and Environmental Protection Agency Guidelines. 
Determine if the employee needs to have transition or progressive lenses. Consider approving transition lenses for employees who are expected to work both inside and outside. Consider approving progressive lenses for the types of work employees perform (switching from close to distant). Please be consistent in authorizing transition and progressive lenses. You must indicate on the form if transition or progressive lenses are authorized. In the Special Instructions box at the bottom of the form you must mark YES or NO and sign in that box.
Complete the blocks at the left of the form – EMP LAST NAME, EMP FIRST NAME, EMPLOYEE DEPT. and EMPLOYEE PHONE NUMBER. At the bottom right complete the Supervisor/Contact block. 
If the employee elects options that are not going to be paid for by the County, the employee will also have to obtain a Secure Credit Card ID from the website or the toll-free number. The employee will enter that number on the first line (employee) of the Secure Credit Card ID section of the form.
Once the form has been completed, sign it and give it to the employee along with a copy of the instructions on the second page of this memo. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contract Risk Management at 410-222-7630. Phone: 222-7630 Mailstop: 9303 FAX: 222-7640 
Once you have received the AOSafety form from your supervisor, you should call the optical professional you have chosen to get your safety glasses from and set up an appointment. You are responsible for having a current prescription or arranging to have your eyes examined through your prescription eyewear program. If you are insured through the County you may check for this information at the County web site or by calling the benefits section of Personnel at (410) 222-7400. 
You can locate an optical professional that participates in the AOSafety prescription eyewear program by going to the Countyweb under online forms < Central Services < Risk Management< Find an Optical Professional in Your Area. If you do not have access to a County computer, you can have one of the office staff assist you in doing this. 
Be sure your supervisor has signed the AOSafety form in two places. On the bottom of the form your supervisor should have indicated if the County will pay for transition or progressive lenses. 
Once you are at the optical professional you may choose to add features or up grade the frame to a different selection. You will have to pay for the added features or up grade at the time of order. This will be at your expense and will not be reimbursed by the County. Checks or money orders will be accepted. If you will be using a credit card you must obtain a Secure Credit Card ID number by accessing the 3M website or by calling (866) 235.5506. 
After you order your safety glasses, you need to return a copy of the paperwork to the individual who is paying for the County portion with a P-Card. If that is you, you will need this for your P-Card log.
If you have any difficulty in obtaining your prescription safety eyewear, please contract your supervisor. If your supervisor cannot resolve the problem, you should contact Risk Management at (410) 222-7630.
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