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Central Services - Risk Management 


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General Liability

Risk Management investigates and resolves claims against Anne Arundel County Government. Individuals can file a liability claim against the County for loss, property damage, or injury caused by any alleged negligence of Anne Arundel County and/or its employees.
General Liability claims could include:
  • Pothole accidents
  • Auto collisions with county vehicles
  • Damaged property due to fallen trees
  • Injury/damage caused by Anne Arundel County government employees
How to file a claim:
Claims are accepted by hand delivery, U.S. mail, telephone, or fax. The notice must contain the following information:
  • Claimant Identity, name, address, phone numbers, date of birth, email address, date and approximate time of the accident, loss and/or damage sustained, locastion of loss, cause of damage or injury, nature of loss and other relevant circumstances.

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