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Mayo Water Reclamation Expansion Project Update

Wed. Jun 18, 2014 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Quiet Waters Park

AACO DPW will host a public informational meeting in the Blue Heron Center at Quiet Waters Park to update residents and members of the Annapolis Neck Peninsula Federation on the plans for the Mayo Water Reclamation Expansion to the Annapolis - Edgewood Road Water Reclamation Facility (WRF).

The project is in the design phase and the selected alternative involves pumping the Mayo wastewater through a new force main to the Annapolis WRF for treatment and abandoning treatment at the Mayo WRF.

DPW Senior Engineer/Project Manager Sharon Cole and GHD Consultant Thor Young will present details of the planned routes for the Mayo-to-Annapolis forcemain through Quiet Waters Park to the Edgewood Road facility, the Glebe Heights-to-Mayo force main, the decommissioning and potential reuse opportunities for the Mayo WRF, the Glebe Heights WRF, and the Mayo Outfall structure.

Questions: Contact Sharon Cole at 410-222-7976 or Bea Poulin, DPW Customer Relations, 410-222-7582

Admission to the QW Park is free to attend this meeting.


Bea Poulin 410-222-7582



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