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List of BRAC Work Through FY2013 (Select "Potential Work")
Subcontraction Opportunities for BRAC "MEGA" Projects:
DISA - Located at Fort Meade, MD - Administered by Baltimore District
- Prime Contractor: Hensel Phelps
- For Subcontracting Opportunities:
- Stan Carlat, (410) 691-3300
Adjudication Activity Co-Location - Administered by Baltimore District
- Prime Contractor: Skanska USA Building, Inc.
- Contracting POC - Erin M. Crockett, (410) 962-4880
C4ISR - At Aberdeen Proving Ground - Administered by Philadelphia District
- Prime Contractor: Tompkins-Turner Grunley/Kinsley
- For Subcontracting Opportunities:
- Bruce Clauser,, (202) 789-0770
- Misc. US Army Corps of Engineers Points of Contact:
- Furniture: Wanda Coates-Flowers,
- BRAC Furniture - Alicia Allen,
- Information Technology - Tom Tatum,
- Information Technology - Bill Colmer,
As Anne Arundel County moves forward in its exploration of challenges and opportunities that BRAC will bring to the region, it is important to remember the planning strategies now in place. By incorporating the BRAC factor into the goals and objectives of the various strategic plans developed over the years to help guide the County in critical areas, Anne Arundel  County will move forward in a direction that is in concert existing plans.
Anne Arundel County Resources
State Resources
BRAC Small & Minority Business Opportunities Study

Federal Resources
Defense Infrastructure
Challenges Increase Risks for Providing Timely Infrastructure Support for Army Installations Expecting Substantial Personnel Growth.
From the report: "GAO prepared this report under the Comptroller General's authority to conduct evaluations on his own initiative. It addresses (1) the challenges and associated risks the Army faces in providing for timely infrastructure support at its gaining installations and (2) how communities are planning and funding for infrastructure to support incoming personnel and their families. GAO analyzed personnel restationing numbers, discussed planning efforts with Army and community officials, and visited nine of the larger gaining bases and nearby communities."
Acquisition Resource Center (ARC)
The National Security Agency's Acquisition Resource Center (ARC) provides industry with a one-stop source for acquisition information. It also serves as a market research tool for NSA requirements personnel and as a means to expand our industrial base, which in turn will increase NSA’s competitive contracting opportunities.
OEA Study Reports
1. Regional Housing Study
The Housing Market Implications of BRAC Activities at FGGM - 10/21/2009 PDF Icon: PDF | Powerpoint Version
2. Transit and Rideshare Study
3. Near Term Highway Corridors Study


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