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Humane Education Programs for Schools, Clubs, Businesses, Community Groups, Hospitals, and Fairs

"The primary goal of Humane Education is to help young people develop a system of humane ethics that will enable them to determine appropriate and inappropriate behavior towards animals and each other."
Anne Arundel County Animal Control has a Humane Educator who travels to all points of the county explaining basic animal safety and care. Sharing the love of animals also includes awareness of animal overpopulation and the reason for neutering and spaying. Humane Educators provide films, pet care booklets, videos, classroom games and instructional materials which are free of charge and includes presentations with live animals.
Please contact Randa Lee at Anne Arundel County Animal Control 410-222-8900 if interested in scheduling a class with the Humane Educator.
Humane Education Curriculum;
Grades K-3
  • Values - pet care, importance of kindness and sharing, safety with animals
  • Methods - live animal interaction
  • Follow-up activities
Grades 4-6
  • Values - responsible pet ownership, safety with animals, basic laws
  • Methods - Discussion, live animal interaction
  • Follow-up activities and resources available
Grade 7 - Adult Lectures
  • Values - responsible pet ownership, nutrition, prevention of cruelty and training
  • Methods - Discussion, debates, live animal interaction

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