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§ 21-1004.1 Cats or dogs left in standing or parked car

From the Maryland Code/Transportation/ Title 21 - Rules of the Road/ Subtitle 10. Stopping Standing and Parking
(a) Endangering health of animal prohibited. – A person may not leave a cat or dog unattended in a standing or parked motor vehicle in a manner that endangers the health or safety of the cat or dog.
(b) Use of reasonable force to remove animal from vehicle. – Except as provided in subsection (c) of the section, a person may use reasonable force to remove from a motor vehicle a cat or dog left in the vehicle in violation of the provisions of subsection (a) of the section if the person is:
(1)   A law enforcement officer;
(2)   A public safety employee of the State or of a local governing body;
(3)   An Animal control officer under the jurisdiction of the State or a local governing body;
(4)   An officer of a society or association, incorporated under the laws of this State for the prevention of cruelty to animals, authorized to make arrests under the provisions of  § 10-609 of the Criminal Law Article: or
(5)   A volunteer or professional of a fires and rescue service.
(c) Exceptions. – A person may not use force of any kind to remove from a motor vehicle:
(1)   A dog used by the State or local governing body for police work while the dog is on duty;
(2)   A cat or dog in the custody of an animal control officer.
(d) Liability. – A person described in subsection (b) of this section may not be held liable for any damages directly resulting from actions taken under the provision of subsection (b) of this section.

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