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Pets at the Shelter for Owner Redemption or Rescue Agencies ONLY

Pets listed on this page are not currently available for adoption by the general public. They may be awaiting evaluation, sick, injured, their behavior may be of concern or they may be unadoptable for other reasons. Ages and breeds are based on the evaluation of the kennel technicians. Animal Control only will discuss the animals on this page with possible owners or rescue groups. If an animal becomes adoptable, its photo will be moved to the "Adoptable Animals" page.
If you lost your pet, please look on both this page and the "Adoptable Animals" page. If you see your lost pet on either page, please visit our REDEMPTION page for information on hours, fees, and what you'll need to bring with you to have the animal released to you. If you have questions about the redemption process please call (410) 222-8900.
Rescues interested in pets on this page please call (410) 222-8900 and request to speak with the rescue coordinator or email us at for additional information.
Cat IconLived with cats
Lived with dogs
Dog and Cat IconLived with dogs and cats
Check IconAnne Arundel County Animal Control is actively looking for assistance from a rescue organization for this animal.
 SponsoredIf an animal's picture is marked "sponsored" this means his/her regular adoption fees have been paid for already therefore s/he is available to approved adopters for free. Individuals interested in sponsoring a particular animal can inquire about this process here at the shelter. 
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