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Found Pets in Anne Arundel County, MD.

The following are pets that have found by citizens in Anne Arundel County.

Posted 5/21/2015 7:59:35 PM

Found: Cat
Date Found: 5/21/2015
Gender: Male
Weight: Thin
Description: Orange and white under chin. Young male, very friendly, very hungry
Street: Willowby run
City: Pasadena
County: Anne Arundel
State: Md
Nearest Intersection: Deering
Contact Name: Lynn
Contact Phone: 954-802-5159

Posted 5/20/2015 10:34:59 PM

Found: Cat
Date Found: 5/8/2015
Breed: Tabby
Gender: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Description: Gray tabby with gold/yellow eyes.
Street: Allwood Drive
City: Glen Burnie
County: Anne Arundel
State: Maryland
Nearest Intersection: Aviation Blvd
Contact Name: Jennifer
Contact Phone: 410-766-5913

Posted 5/18/2015 7:59:02 AM

Found: Cat
Date Found: May 14, 2015
Breed: Tuxedo cat
Gender: Not sure
Weight: 14+ pounds
Description: Cat is very dirty and looks to have been outside for a while. I'm hoping he/she belongs to someone since he comes to my hone. I'm hoping he is only dirty and there are no injuries- however I have not been able to get close enough.
Street: Groveland Road
City: Linthicum
County: Anne Arundel
State: Maryland
Nearest Intersection: Maple Road & Groveland Road
Contact Name: Stacie
Contact Phone: 410-960-7701

Posted 5/17/2015 3:19:17 PM

Found: Dog
Date Found: 5/17/15
Breed: Dalmation/Beagle Mix?
Gender: Male
Weight: 30-40lbs
Description: No tags. White dog with black spots. Very friendly.
Street: Killarney Terrace
City: Odenton
County: Anne Arundel County
State: Maryland
Nearest Intersection: Strawberry Lake Rd
Contact Name: Katie
Contact Phone: 301-693-6729

Posted 5/16/2015 3:00:50 PM

Found: Cat
Date Found: Friday May 15, 2015
Breed: Long-hair black and white
Gender: unsure
Weight: 8-9lbs?
Description: Petite black and white long-haired cat. Very friendly and affectionate. No collar. Must belong to someone!
Street: Walden Drive
City: Crofton
County: Anne Arundel
State: Maryland
Nearest Intersection: Smoketree Lane
Contact Name: Donna
Contact Phone: 410-935-8000

Posted 5/15/2015 11:19:54 AM

Found: Dog
Date Found: 5/12/15
Breed: Mutt
Gender: Female
Weight: 25-35
Description: Black and brown markings, rat terrier like ears. Medium sized female.
Street: West river
City: West river
County: Anne Arundel
State: Maryland
Nearest Intersection: Muddy Creek rd
Contact Name: Beechnut Kennels
Contact Phone: 410-798-4304



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