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Medical Assistance Personal Care Program (MAPCP)

For more information, call Information and Assistance at: (410) 222-4464. For further information on Long Term Care programs in the State of Maryland check the web link
Assistance with bathing, meal preparation, and chores. This program provides services to help those who, with some assistance, can remain at home.
  • MAPCP assists those who are frail or disabled with personal care and other activities such as grocery shopping and laundry
  • A Registered Nurse monitors care through a home visit every other month
  • A Personal Care Provider may assist the client in their home, up to seven days a week depending on need
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  • Respite Care Referral Program
  • Community Care Partnership (CCP)
  • Adult Evaluation and Review Service (AERS)
  • Information and Assistance
  • Medicaid Waiver



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