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Community Care Partnership (CCP)

For more information, call: (410) 222-4368. To make a referral, please call Information and Assistance at: (410) 222-4464.
The goal of the CCP Program is to identify adults (18 or older) who are at risk of entering a nursing home. We know how important it is to remain in one's own home, and we work with the family to make sure that this choice is a reality when possible.
  • CCP first provides a comprehensive assessment of the frail client by working with family, medical professionals and others
  • Every effort is made to help individuals remain in their home for as long as possible by linking the client with services and in home assistance
  • A Case Manager is provided to help obtain and coordinate services for the client from both public and private agencies
  • For those who meet financial eligibility, funds are provided to purchase services and supplies
Services provided are:
  • Long Term Care Case Management
  • Payment for some services depending on eligibility
  • Spiritual Care
  • Bereavement
  • Healing Touch
  • Faith Community Partnerships
Eligibility: 18 years and older, and at risk of entering a nursing facility
Related Programs:
  • Adult Evaluation and Review Service
  • Information and Assistance




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