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Adult Evaluation and Review Service Comprehensive Assessment of Adults

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The Adult Evaluation and Review Services aim to assist functionally challenged and chronically ill adults eighteen years of age and older in maintaining a quality lifestyle in their place of residence, despite the trials that they face. This is done through a face-to-face clinical evaluation, conducted by a nurse or a social worker. This evaluation assesses the physical, social and emotional aspects of the client’s life. The client and his/her family then work closely with the AERS team to devise a plan that identifies and accesses community resources for which the client is eligible. We hope the resources will pave the client's way to a more fulfilling and able lifestyle.
The AERS Team Provides:
  • Comprehensive, professional assessments by licensed RN’s and licensed social workers
  • Plans of care that address the holistic approach to a client’s needs
  • Referrals for community resources that are both eligibility based and available to everyone
  • Physical assessments for homebound clients
  • Mental health counseling and referral
  • Short-term case management
  • Assessment and plans of care for individuals with mental retardation and mental illness who require nursing home placement
  • Education to clients, families, and professionals about resources, levels of care, and other various biopsychosocial topics, including the availability of speakers
Eligibility: The Adult Evaluation and Review Services Program is available to all persons eighteen and older, regardless of income or assets. It is a free service.
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