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Disabilities Information & Awareness

To learn more from an informed (strike DIAL) Maryland Access Point (MAP) specialist call (410) 222-4257. TTY users please dial Maryland Relay 7-1-1Fax (410) 222-4346 (strike 4360)
Questions about services for adults with disabilities
For persons 18 years and older with a disability, information, assistance and referrals are available with a simple phone call to the Anne Arundel County Department of Aging and Disabilities. Caring, trained specialists can answer questions and help link adults with disabilities to services, information and assistance programs.
To speak to an informed DIAL specialist, call: (410) 222-4464 or (410) 222-4526 TDD/TTY: (410) 222-4355 FAX: (410) 222-4360 Email:  info_and_assistance@aacounty.orgor
Adults (18+) with a disability. Family and caregivers are also welcome to call for information.
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