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Senior Center Plus Program (SCP)

For more information, call: (410) 222-4464
Assistance that makes Senior Center attendance an option Senior Centers offer a wonderful array of programs and classes for those who are active and independent. However, those who are less independent can sometimes enjoy senior center programs and activities with some assistance.
Senior Center Plus staff provides help with lunch trays, help reserving a van ride and help getting to a class or activity. In addition, there are program-specific activities which include: games, arts and crafts, parties and outings.
Eligibility: 55 and older and a resident of Anne Arundel County. The senior must be able to communicate their needs to others, feed themselves, and use the rest room facilities without assistance. If medications are required, the senior must be able to take medications independently and without supervision. All potential admissions to the program are screened and approved by the Adult Evaluation and Review Service (AERS). An AERS evaluation is free of charge.
Cost: There is a daily charge of $35. There is also an optional fee for quarterly Anne Arundel Community College classes. Donations to the Department of Aging and Disabilities Nutrition and Transportation Services are encouraged.
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