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Medicaid Waiver Program

For more information, call: (410) 222-4464 or (410 AA-AGING) or Email us at
Older adults who have care needs should have options for receiving services. After a thorough assessment of needs, a plan for services is developed. Eligible persons, where possible, are offered a choice of receiving:
  • Personal Care Services in the home
  • Environmental Assessment and modification with Assistive Devices that enable the client to function more safely and independently
  • Behavior Consultation Services
  • Respite Care or relief service for caregivers
  • Emergency Response Devices
  • Home Delivered Meals
  • Diet and Nutritional Services by a Licensed Dietitian
  • Home Health Services (Physical or Speech Therapy, etc.)
  • And a range of other similar services

Eligibility: 50 or older and medically eligible; income and asset criteria

Related Programs:

  • Assisted Living
  • Assisted Living Subsidy Program
  • Information and Assistance
  • Medical Assistance Personal Care Program



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