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Senior Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)

For more information, call: (410) 222-4464 or email:
Have you have ever had a question about: Medicare, Medigap, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Long Term Care insurance, or Medicare Part D? Do you need help unraveling hospital and physician bills, and making sense of all the paperwork?
  • SHIP counselors are trained to answer questions and provide accurate information regarding almost any question on health insurance coverage for the Medicare-eligible person.
  • Counselors provide free, confidential, one-on-one assistance by appointment.
  • SHIP educates consumers so they can choose supplemental insurance coverage wisely.
  • SHIP may also determine when a person with Medicare has gaps in health insurance coverage, or even when someone with Medicare has too much insurance coverage.
Eligibility: All Medicare beneficiaries, their families and caregivers; anyone is welcome to call with long term care insurance questions, or questions about Medicare billing issues and prescription drug help for older adults.
Related Programs:
  • SMP (Senior Medicare Patrol)
  • Maryland Access Point
Need a Speaker? SHIP may be the perfect choice. Note: Volunteers are always welcome; extensive training is provided. Important Web Links:
Are you confused about the new Medicare prescription drug information? You are not alone. For some clear and concise information visit



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Anne Arundel County, Maryland. 44 Calvert Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21401 | Tele: (410) 222-7000