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Taxi Voucher Service

For more information, call: (410) 222-4222.
Discount Taxi Coupons Could you or someone you know use a discounted taxicab ride? The Taxi Voucher Service offers discount taxi coupons. Most County taxicab companies accept taxi vouchers in place of cash. (A list of the Taxicab companies is provided below.) Eligibility: Persons 55 and older, or adults 18 and older with a disability; proof of disability required.
Program Details: Each client who meets the eligibility requirements for the program can purchase an amount determined by funding of the program, call for more information. Each book contains $10.00 worth of coupons and costs the client $5.00 for each book which is a savings of 50% over the face value. When using the program, the client pays the metered amount in coupons when they reach their destination. If the meter says $20.00 they give the cab driver 2 - $10.00 books. Tips must be paid by the client - coupons cannot be used for this purpose.
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