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Legal and Financial

For more information, call: (410) 263-8330 (Annapolis Area), (410) 269-0867 (Baltimore line), (301) 261-1956 (Washington line)
Free Legal Assistance, Advice, and Representation
Have a legal problem with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, pension benefits, unemployment, housing, credit or other civil matters? Legal counseling, advice and representation may be available.
Other types of issues typically addressed by the Law Project:
  • Credit counseling
  • Long term care and health care related issues
  • Food Stamps
  • Housing, utilities issues
  • Guardianship, nursing home and protective service issues
  • Abuse and neglect
  • Age discrimination, unemployment
Persons with legal issues not handled by the Law Project will be referred to other sources of free or low-cost legal assistance. All services are free, but contributions are welcome.
60 and older and resident of Anne Arundel County (regardless of income or assets)
Only civil work is accepted. Criminal cases and fee generating cases (ie, suing to recover damages) are not accepted.
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