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Snow Patrol Volunteers Needed

The Department of Aging and Disabilities is partnering with the Volunteer Center for Anne Arundel County and the Citizens Corps Council to recruit and deploy church youth groups, families, scouts, and high school groups as well as adult organizations for the "Snow Patrol". Isolated seniors with medical needs and individuals with disabilities need assistance with removing snow and ice during winter storms so that driveways and sidewalks can be accessed by caregivers or so that the affected seniors can reach the street to be provided transportation for medical care, etc. This is a call for groups to register with the Volunteer Center for the Snow Patrol. Volunteer Groups are needed now and must pre-register in order to help residents with disabilities and medical needs during this winter's storms. For information & a Snow Patrol Intake Form, contact Bill at the Volunteer Center For Anne Arundel Co. at 410-897-9207 or A Snow Patrol Intake Form may also be downloaded from

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