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Mom and Me

What could bring more happiness than a visit from a tiny baby or a child?  Many residents would welcome a visit from parents and their children.  Families visiting together bring tremendous joy to the elderly and can even provide children with the benefit of having a surrogate grandparent.  Everyone is delighted by a small singing a song or telling a nursery rhyme.  Children bring spontaneity and wonder to the long term care environment and can turn an ordinary day into one  that is fulfilled.
If you would enjoy sharing your children with others, join the Mom & Me program.  You'll find that children quickly and easily break the ice and that they will get as much love in return as they give - maybe even more!  Mom & Me volunteers establish a one-on-one relationship with you, your child(ren) and four or more residents of a nursing home or assisted living facility. Click HERE to visit the Mom & Me Visitation Gallery.
Duties and Responsibilities
  •     Participate in an initial training program as provided by the program
  •     Visit one or more assigned nursing homes on a regular basis
  •     Establish a companion relationship with the residents
  •     Sign in and out during each visit to the nursing home or facility
  •     Report any problems or concerns to the Mom & Me Program Director
Skills Required
  •     Friendliness
  •     Dependability
  •     Caring
  •     A sensitivity to older people
Training Provided
  •     Role of the volunteer
  •     Description of the nursing home resident and environment
  •     Guidelines for visiting
  •     Sensitivity to aging
Time Required
    An initial training session, then approximately one hour visit each week

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