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MAP (formally Information & Assistance)

How does this program differ from the already existing I&A program?
  • There is a new telephone number for you to use (410) 222-4257. The Information and Assistance Program Specialists will receive your calls. You can also use the old DoAD number and your call will be transferred to MAP.
  • MAP staff will be able to assist you with interaction with other agencies.
  • Access to MAP information will be available in a variety of places throughout Anne Arundel County: both hospitals will carry MAP information at their service desk and online. Your local public library and many private and public agencies that work with the senior population will be able to help you access MAP, too.
The goal of MAP is to enable persons, regardless of income, to call or come into MAP office and access all the programs and services for which they are eligible without having to go from agency to agency. MAP staff will assist with the entitlement program applications such as Energy Assistance, Homeowners Property Tax Credits, Renters Tax Credits, and Medicare and Medicaid programs. MAP staff can also assist with determining those programs and services which would meet a persons needs. More information about many programs for seniors and their families are listed in the Services for Seniors Directory. Help is only a phone call away!

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