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Aging and Disabilities 


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Foster Grandparent Volunteers needed

For more information, please call the Foster Grandparent Program at (410) 222-4464.
FGP provides volunteer opportunities to eligible low-income seniors to give support and individual attention to children with identified needs.
Volunteer Grandparents create meaningful relationships with special needs children by providing love, being a mentor, providing encouragement, and providing companionship on a one-to-one basis for 15 - 40 hours per week.
This intergenerational program engages persons 55 and older in providing 20 - 40 hours of volunteer service to mentor children with exceptional needs. Foster Grandparent volunteers give back to the community by helping to guide and support children. In addition, they offer a loving presence in the lives of developmentally and at-risk youths in various community settings. Get involved today by joining the Foster Grandparent Program.

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